Jill recently moved from Rome and the South of France to Berlin, Germany where she has a studio creating both her decoupage on glass as well as collage on paper. Her work is intrinsically inspired by the art and architecture of the world, incorporating centuries of images onto glass and other surfaces to produce extraordinary works of art.

If there is (as is often said) a narrative dimension to art, then for Jill clearly the medium of collage and decoupage is a bold and intriguing mixture of stories, themes, and time. Her work brings together colour, form, and story in an often startling way to depict something quite fresh, surprising, and perhaps ironic. In her recent work, Classical antiquity, natural history, and the Baroque conspire to create surrealistic visions. But an artist's work also whispers something of the artist's own story.

Born in Connecticut, Jill began her studies in art in England, which led to the Hotech School of Design in Rome and an enduring fascination with Renaissance Art. Jill returned to London to complete her formal training at the New Academy for Art Studies before setting out as an artist with successful exhibitions in Munich, Monte Carlo, Rome, Nice, London and the United States.

Jill undertakes commission work, including large-scale mirrors, murals, and other objects.

A Vase by Jill barnes-Dacey