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"A Master Artisan, with a jeweler’s feel for color harmonics … highly distinctive … a technical and artistic tour de force.”

New York Times Art Critic Souren Melikian

Each paperweight comes in a beautifully monagramned bag with a card indicating a numbered, unique item plus a miniature leaflet on Jill Barnes-Dacey. Find out more about how we ship. 

Latest Reviews

I had the most wonderful 5 day workshop with Jill in Berlin. Not only does Jill teaches you her years of knowledge on the technique side of decoupage she also really wants you to think about your piece and make well thought out choices on what you will glue on your piece so that you end up with an interesting and unique object versus a something banal. I find that that makes the difference between a good teacher and a great one! She is super well equipped with an amazing collection of themes, colours and patterns. She's very good at spotting your strong points and equally the parts where you need to focus on - that's important too for when you go back home and are on your own! And last but not least, next to all the artistic qualities Jill has she is a lovely person to spend all these hours with!! Thanks ever so much and I will definitely come back for a follow up!!

Alexandra van Nispen (25/01/2018)