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Jill’s class in New York was the most intense, creative, inspiring, exciting, 5 days that I can recall experiencing. Thumbing through Architectural Digest, a spread on Jill and her beautiful art leaped off the page at me. I was enthralled, especially with her passion for her work and generosity in sharing her technique. Starting the class I was a bit nervous since I’d never worked in the paper arts, collage nor decoupage – but within the hour we were at ease and excited. She has a talent for sensing what each of us needed to encourage us, to explore and guide us – without choosing for us - - to be brave in approaching the project without a set pattern in mind - - letting it be serendipitous. AND she fulfilled her commitment to her students - sharing her love for the art form, and leaving class with a strong working knowledge and skill-set. I went home with 2 beautiful pieces that I’m proud of, and the ability to continue at home with the skills Jill taught,

Barbara Dilanciano (13/01/2018)


I had the good fortune to attend the most incredible J.B.D. decoupage workshop. It exceeded my expectations. I came home with a head full of steps, techniques, design ideas and 2 pieces I am proud to show off! She is an accomplished artist and skilled teacher. She patiently works you through each step, guiding you, but allowing you to make the piece your own. Jill provides a vast selection of beautiful images and an amazing selection of papers. For the past 25 years I have subscribed to Architectural Digest. In the September 2016 issue, in which Jill was the featured artist, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her decoupage work. The pieces shown in the article were exciting and really beautiful. I learned so much from Jill and am excited to decoupage at home. I feel very lucky to have learned from such a master.

Robin Goebel (03/01/2018)