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Jill Barnes-Dacey is a master of the intricate art of collage and decoupage, mixing paper, glass and works of classical antiquity, natural history and the baroque to create bold and surrealistic visions that captivate the imagination. She creates images on glass (bowls, vases, plates) that are beautifully crafted and designed, bringing together colour, form and balance with a delightfully surreal narrative. Jill now teaches her art of collage and decoupage. 

The five day, limited enrollment, course is led by Jill Barnes-Dacey, who introduces you to the history of decoupage even as she guides you step-by-step into the actual creation of your own composition – a completed work of art.

As a special gift for your friends and family Jill has recently introduced a two-day workshop where students complete two smaller vessels in collage and decoupage. A uniquely special present delivered with an original gift voucher card. The Workshops can be tailored to accommodate a particular group or theme. As a skilled teacher and mentor, Jill inspires a confidence and attentiveness and sense of craft that are essential in producing an original work of decoupage. 

The path is demanding ... and exhilarating! Students conclude the workshops having completed a substantial work on glass. Cost of the 5 Day workshop 2,800 Euros Cost of the 2 Day workshop 1,200 Euros Download the Brochure here

Download the Brochure here