Testimonials and Reviews

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Some of the kind comments that others have made about Jill Barnes Dacey and her work:

The workshop was both technically enlightening and creatively inspiring. Jill’s commitment to excellence, encouragement and wealth of experience regarding imagery, takes your own work to a higher level.
Alison MacDonald, London

Studying with Jill can be likened to studying with the twin sister of Matisse: the glory of vibrant /still; color/texture; baroque/modern. All in a singular experience of the joy in creating beautiful, functional objects.
Kylée Smith, San Felice Ciceo, Italy

I was very fortunate to find Jill on the Internet as it opened up a whole new world for me. I have taken two workshops from Jill and she has introduced me to the wonderful world of decoupage. Jill is a very talented decouper and she has shared her extensive knowledge and talent with me. To work in her studio in the heart of ancient Rome is so inspiring. Surrounded by volumes of art magazines, books and paper to work with, just in a short 3 days you walk away with a beautiful creation of your own. I can hardly wait to go back and learn along side Jill and continue to discover the joy of decoupaging
Tatiana Ritchie, Toronto, Canada

I had the incredible opportunity to take a workshop with Jill at her studio in Rome and can't say enough positive things about the entire experience. Jill not only unstintingly shared her amazing skills and knowledge, but she created a warm and safe environment for me to find my own unique creative direction. I was so inspired by what I learned that it led me to pursue the art of decoupage on glass professionally and Jill has continued to be supportive well after the workshop. She is an incredible working artist and one willing to share what she knows with her students which is a most rare combination. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning a most fulfilling artistic medium with an amazing teacher, meeting fantastic people, and simply having a wonderful time.
Valerie Keene, New York City

For me attending one of Jill’s classes was very inspiring. Jill is the perfect teacher. She helps you without imposing and if you are stuck she can get you out of your misery. Jill is that wonderful combination of an inspired artist, coupled with a love of teaching. Her sheer generosity is truly overwhelming and we all learnt a lot while having fun. For me the seminar was mindblowing as Jill got me started in a new direction from which I developed my own unique technique
Viveca Moller, Denmark, South of France

A five-day decoupage course, given by Jill Barnes-Dacey in her studio apartment in Rome, is a steep, but creative, learning curve, especially for those like me, who have previously only dabbled in decoupage at the Christmas or Easter gift level. Jill takes you from a dabbler to devotee during the five days, and, under her guidance, I was left, on the last day, marveling at the objects that had been miraculously transformed from plain glass objects – in this case, a tea-light holder and a vase- to works of art. With her expert eye for design, she was able to advise me on which images and colours would work best, as well as teaching me various paper-cutting, gluing and varnishing techniques. The results were not only pride in the fruits of my labour, but also a renewed enthusiasm for the art form and the confidence to start working on my next decoupage project as soon as possible
Vicky Enea, Amsterdam, Holland

I had the pleasure of coming to Rome initially to do a five day workshop and then had the double fortune to rent one of Jill's superb apartments in the heart of Rome. I stayed at the "Artists Residence" enjoying the comfort and luxury of one of her places in Rome and during the day learning upstairs in her classic Roman artists studio the art of decoupage on glass. It was quite inspiring and I learned more than I ever thought possible about every aspect of making a work of art known in France as "Arte Povera." Jill walked me through absolutely every aspect of the making of a decoupage piece and was outstanding in her willingness to reveal every detail and secret holding back nothing. I soon learned that she wasn't kidding when she wrote to me initially explaining that she works her students hard for the sole purpose of ensuring that one leaves her studio on the last day not only with an accomplished piece completed but equally with a foundation, knowledge and discipline to carry-on once I return home.

It was a marvel to work in Jill''s studio surrounded by her decoupage and collage and to benefit from her enormous source of images painsakingly collected and systamatically ordered and accessible to students. It was one of the most valuable experiences for me and I am confident that her teaching has propelled me into a more serious level of working in decoupage, beyond the mundane and as Jill puts it "predictable."

Pia Johansen San Francisco, CA